Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Public XtreemFS demo server online again

Do you want to test XtreemFS without installing the servers first?

No problem! Just install the XtreemFS Client 1.3 (currently available for Linux and MacOSX, Windows will follow later) and mount our public XtreemFS demo server:

mkdir ~/xtreemfs_demo
mount.xtreemfs demo.xtreemfs.org/demo ~/xtreemfs_demo
cd ~/xtreemfs_demo

We placed a copy of the freely available short film "Big Buck Bunny" on the demo server which you can watch after mounting. (Please keep in mind that your Internet connection to our demo server has to be fast enough to watch it smoothly.)

For testing you can create any directories and files as you like. Please do not upload anything illegal or copyrighted material. For legal reasons every file create/write is logged with the IP address and timestamp. Files are automatically deleted every hour.

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