Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Release Candidate for XtreemFS 1.3

After nearly one year of development, we have finished the first release candidate for XtreemFS 1.3.
The most important new feature is the cross-site file replication with auto-failover. The new replication works with mutable files, i.e. files can be read and written.

We have created packages for Linux in our repositories on, they should become available within a few hours. For Mac OS X, we have a packaged client with installer. The sources can be downloaded at


Martin said...

Great news! Builds for Ubuntu 8.04 are missing though. Is it planned?

Jan said...

We are not planning on providing packages for Ubuntu 8.04 because of missing dependencies. Ubuntu 8.04 does not provide cmake >= 2.6 and boost >= 1.35 by default, which are necessary to build and run XtreemFS 1.3. If you have appropriate versions of boost and cmake on your Ubuntu 8.04 installation, you can manually build and install XtreemFS 1.3 from sources, though.

Vaibhav Srivastava said...

do we have any binaries for windows I am not able to find any such.
if i need to build from source do we have these steps documented some where

Michael said...

For the current version 1.3.x there is no Windows client available yet. We will release a first 1.3.x Windows Client soon.

Please follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our mailing list to get informed about updates.


Anonymous said...

Can you tell what the status is on the windows client?

Anonymous said...

Is there any news regarding the release of the Windows platform? Do you have any date set yet?

Michael said...


No, no date yet.

Bryan on the mailing list wanted to help us with the development of the Windows client. During the last weeks I helped him with via Google Chat and answered XtreemFS-related questions.

Unfortunately, he has not commited his code yet. If his efforts cannot be recovered, I'll start over again with the Windows version in the end of April and keep the mailing list posted.

Best regards,