Tuesday, October 27, 2015

XtreemFS (Unstable) is Available

We are currently working on the next stable release, which will be available soon. We published updated unstable builds via the openSUSE Build Service containing the following features of the upcoming release:
  • New quota implementation: We introduced volume quotas with XtreemFS 1.5.1. However, quotas were only enforced by the MRC service, which caused the possibility to write above a quota while a client holds a valid file handle. Our new quota implementation allows an exact enforcement while protecting against malicious clients. User and group quotas are now available beside the existing volume quotas. Tests have shown that the overhead of the new protocol is negligible. Note that quotas are currently not compatible with volumes that have been created with older XtreemFS versions. This will be available with the next stable release.
  • File system access tracing: We added a policy interface the the OSD service to trace read and write requests to files. We ship policies to write an access trace to a file or a network socket. We will add a RabbitMQ based policy for the stable release.
  • JNI based libxtreemfs: The Java version of libxtreemfs was rewritten using JNI, which improves the performance for parallel access and brings missing features to Java developers. A common code-base for Java and C++ will help to ship upcoming features quickly to both of the libraries.
  • Improved Hadoop adapter: The support for multiple volumes in the Hadoop adapter was extended. Furthermore, the Hadoop integration benefits from the JNI based libxtreemfs and supports asynchronous writes now.
We are thankful for any feedback. Please use our public mailing list or the Github issue tracker to report any problems.
The development of this release has been funded by the European Union Seventh Framework Program in the HARNESS project under grant agreement number 318521. 

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