Thursday, March 12, 2015

XtreemFS 1.5.1 Released

A new stable release of the distributed file system XtreemFS is available. XtreemFS 1.5.1 comes with the following major features:
  • Improved Hadoop support: The Hadoop Adapter supports Hadoop-2.x and other applications running on the YARN platform.
  • Consistent adding and removing replicas for R/W replication: Replica consistency is ensured while adding and removing replicas, xtfs_scrub can replace failed replicas automatically.
  • Improved SSL mode: The used SSL/TLS version is selectable, strict certificate chain checks are possible, the SSL code on client and server side was improved.
  • Better support for mounting XtreemFS using /etc/fstab: All mount parameters can be passed to the client by mount.xtreemfs -o option=value.
  • Initial version of an LD_PRELOAD based client: The client comes in the form of a library that can be linked to an application via LD_PRELOAD. File system calls to XtreemFS are directly forwarded to the services without FUSE. The client is intended for systems without FUSE or performance critical applications (experimental).
  • The size of a volume can be limited: Added quota support on volume level. The capacity limits are currently checked while opening a file on the MRC.
  • OSD health monitoring: OSDs can report their health, e.g. determined by SMART values, to the DIR. The results are aggregated in the DIR web interface. The default OSD selection policy can skip unhealthy OSDs.
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements across all components: See the CHANGELOG for more details and references to the issue numbers.
Furthermore we provide Dockerfiles to run the XtreemFS services in containers. The Dockerfiles are available in a separate Git repository at

To ease contributing to XtreemFS for new developers, we added a Vagrantfile to the XtreemFS Git repository that allows setting up a virtual machine having all dependencies to build XtreemFS automatically.

The development of this release was partially funded by the European Commission in the HARNESS project under Grant Agreement No. 318521, as well as the German projects FFMK, GeoMultiSens and BBDC.

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