Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cold Tamales: XtreemFS 1.1 now available

XtreemFS 1.1 is now available at xtreemfs.org.

Note for users upgrading from version 1.0: the metadata database format has changed. You must use dump/restore of the database when updating from 1.0!

New features in release 1.1 include:
- POSIX advisory locks (e.g. fcntl locks)
- Global inode/dev numbers (for dovecot, tar, and other programs that rely on unique inodes in struct stat)
- On-close replication. Replicas can now be automatically created when a file is closed after having been written the first time. This causes the file to become read-only. The behavior of on-close replication can be controlled via the xtfs_repl tool.
- A new "hostname" property in the server configurations, for specifying the host name to advertise to the directory service
- gridmap-file user identification

We also fixed a number of bugs, including a problem with SSL on Windows and issues that prevented the OSD from running on Windows.

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