Monday, October 27, 2008

XtreemFS 0.10.0 released: checksums and more

We have just released XtreemFS 0.10.0 on Apart from many quality improvements, it contains several exciting new features:
  • checksum support for file objects, including xtfs_scrub for verification
  • client: caching, improved performance, new platforms (win32, ARM, OS X)
  • UUIDs
  • OSD cleanup
  • plug-in interface
Made popular by ZFS, checksums allow you to verify the integrity of your file data. XtreemFS OSD can now compute, maintain and verify checksums for each file object. Our new scrubbing tool xtfs_scrub allows you to verify checksums on all OSDs in parallel.

Our client, an integral part of the XtreemFS architecture, is now much faster than previous versions, and you should be network or disk bound in most cases. We also added caching for file data and metadata, which also improves performance considerably. The client is now also running on Linux on ARM devices and we have added experimental ports for Windows and OS X.

XtreemFS now identifies all its services by UUIDs. This allows you to move services and their data to different hosts and use NATed network setups where only some of the IP addresses can be used.

Further, we have now a tool xtfs_cleanup for reclaiming storage space by erasing orphaned objects from OSDs (objects can be orphaned if the client crashes while deleting a file). We extend our plug-in interface in the MRC so that you can add your own policies (written in Java) to control its operation.

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Hi guys, what of plug-ins will be?