Thursday, August 14, 2008

XtreemFS 0.9.0 released

We have released XtreemFS 0.9.0, a distributed file system for federated IT infrastructures. XtreemFS is an integrated part of the XtreemOS Linux operating system for the Grid, but can also be run on various other Linux distributions.

XtreemFS is a full file system that features:
  • full Posix compliance, incl. Posix ACLs and extended attributes
  • parallel access to striped files, stripe width configurable per file
  • scalable installations by adding more storage and metadata servers
  • transparent integration into XtreemOS' user and VO management
  • integration into various X.509 authentication infrastructures
  • mountable on all systems that support FUSE, incl. OS X
XtreemFS is GPL-licensed and available via as source code and packaged for various Linux distributions, incl. XtreemOS.

... Felix for the XtreemFS development team

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